What Your Refrigerator and Website Have In Common

Believe it or not your company’s website is a lot like your refrigerator. How so, you ask? How can a big metal box, whose basic design and function has not changed in decades compare with the constantly evolving high tech world of the internet? Let’s exam the parallels a little more closely.


The Power of Website Content

First off, both refrigerators and websites need power to keep things fresh. Refrigerators run on electricity. Websites run on content. One website mistake that companies often make is setting up their new site and then seldom making changes or adding content. That would be like buying a new refrigerator, stocking it with all your favorite foods and then never bothering to plug it in. In both cases, things begin to smell old and rotten when you neglect to add the power.

The items stocked on your refrigerator shelves, stuck in the door and stacked in the freezer are all there to feed a need. The need, in this case, is providing food to relieve hunger. If you think about it, your website also relieves a hunger – for information. A well-stocked website fills the need of your prospects for information about your company.

Maybe we all spend so much time with the refrigerator door open, staring inside because the internal life of our refrigerator, is a snapshot reflecting the shifts and changes in our lives. The food you have in your refrigerator evolves as your life and tastes change. On a serious jag of session IPAs, stock up and feed the need. New baby just arrived? Load up on the smashed peas. Spied a new Greek yogurt in your friend’s fridge? Gotta get some for yourself.

How To Update Your Website Content

This same content evolution should be happening with your website content. Monitoring page views and information paths will help you to better understand the “tastes” of your website visitors and what content you should be stocking your website’s “shelves” with. When peering in and taking inventory of your website content, don’t forget to consider changing delivery methods. Just as squeeze bottles have changed condiments forever, online content is being delivered in new ways every day. So, be sure to consider mobile devices, video streaming, social media tie ins and other advances.