Increasing Landing Page Conversions


One of the most frustrating aspects of online advertising is not seeing a return on investment (ROI) on leads from landing pages. The web traffic reports show that ads are generating clicks to the landing pages, but no one is filling out the call-to-action or contact form.

Why?! The answer may be that website visitors don’t want to be bothered with someone trying to contact them later to sell them a product or service. Web visitors want information, without the prospect of having to put up with a pushy sales person. So, how can you increase the number of landing page form fills?

Two-Step Landing Pages

People now are much savvier on the internet. They are able to sniff out a sales tactic quickly and they tend to be on guard when there’s a form asking for their information. A two-step landing page is one way businesses are finding that helps ease the customers into the buying process. The two-step form actually is two separate landing pages that work together to gain information about the prospect.

The first page only asks one or two questions related to the product or service the prospect is interested in. No personal information is requested in the first step. The call-to-action on the initial page promises a free quote, a download or something else of value to the customer.

The first step is less intimidating and helps get them started on filling out information. It also helps to reinforce their choice of buying. Questions might include information needed to generate a quote, the model of product they are interested in or how quickly they are looking to purchase.

The second page then requests their name and contact information. This is ultimately the information you want. It allows you to collect their personal info so you can contact them to work on closing the sale and answer their questions. If you are able to collect their email in this step, then as an added bonus you can add them to your email list in order to consistently stay on their radar.

As the internet continues to evolve, business’s sales tactics will need to continue to adapt to what these changes bring to the table. In the case of landing page creation, opting for a two-step landing page might be a great way to change up your approach.