Deciding on the Best Holiday Card Delivery Method


We can no longer fill our display of holiday cards. In years past, our company would receive so many holiday cards, from the folks we did business with, that our display was overflowing. For the last several years, the number of cards coming in has dwindled to a trickle. Based on this highly unscientific survey, we can only conclude that printed holiday cards are falling out of favor.

It stands to reason. We’re becoming a digital society. We have online “friends” who is the we rarely, if ever see in person. Much of business today is conducted via email and online. It’s possible to have entirely digital interactions with clients and vendors. According the United States Postal Service, the annual volume of first class mail has declined from its peak in 2001 of 103 million pieces to 56 million in 2018.

As the holiday season approaches many companies are considering if they should abandon snail mail in favor of digital delivery. There’s no single answer for every company. Professional opinions vary, based on which industry expert is offering advice. Those in the direct mail arena, stand by traditional cards. Tech-oriented pros, advocate for electronic greetings.

A recent Fast Company article on company holiday card etiquette also teeter-tottered back and forth between mailing and emailing. They cited the downside of mailing cards including the labor involved, necessary lead time, as well as the cost and impact on the environment. The upside of a mailing done well is the opportunity to make a connection and nurture relationships with colleagues and clients.


The obvious hurdle in electronic cards is making sure that the message successfully navigates spam filters to be delivered to the recipients’ and then actually opened. The pros of delivering your holiday greeting electronically are lower costs, the ability to customize designs and detailed tracking of who opened and clicked on your message.

The best way to decide, whether you should maintain direct mail decorum or shake it up and go digital, is to compile a list of people that you plan to send holiday greetings to. By reviewing the list, you’ll be able to determine which method the people on your list would respond better to. Still can’t decide? You can always do a mixture of mailed and digital delivery, based on the recipients.