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The Basics Of Retargeting

Have you ever browsed the internet and felt like you were being followed by a company? The furniture set you looked at two days ago keeps popping up in an ad on every website you visit. Why does this happen? If you have experienced this type of internet advertising, then you have been the target of a retargeting campaign.

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) has become very popular in recent years. Retargeting is a great way to market to potential customers who are already familiar with your business.


Agreeing To Disagree Helps The Creative Process

Disagreements are inevitable, normal and healthy part of relating to other people. In our everyday lives, many of us try to avoid disagreements as often as possible. This behavior is probably due to a number of reasons. Some people view comments about disagreeing as being angry, rude or unkind to others. Some feel uncomfortable in offering an opposing viewpoint. However, when it comes to the creative process, disagreement is at the heart of refining the final product.


Geo Mapping Enhances Advertising ROI

Geo Mapping allows a business to take data with location elements and map it out to provide map visualizations to better understand their customers and market share. More specifically, geo mapping can provide many benefits in the process of better targeting customers. Originally limited to use by large companies, due to the cost, geo mapping software has become affordable for smaller companies and entrepreneurs.


An Inside Look At The Brand Development Process

When RDH Consulting, a nationwide consultant in the parking industry, approached our creative team about invigorating their brand, it was an opportunity for AdAbility Marketing Communications to apply our know-how in a new industry. Like most drivers, most of our experience with the parking world revolved around finding an open spot to park. We had no idea of the expertise that went into the planning and managing of parking operations.

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