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The Power of Visuals in Social Media Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words. With the rise of social media, this common expression has more meaning now than it ever did. When posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, companies should accompany their posts with a relevant visual to increase information retention and consumer engagement.

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Understanding Photo Copyrights

With the abundance of photo images available on the internet, it can be difficult to determine if you have the legal right to use an image. Whether you find an image on Google, purchase a stock photo or hire a photographer to shoot custom images; it doesn’t mean you have free rein to use the image where ever you want. The photo licensing rights, which are outlined in the contract, for using any image spells out exactly what you are entitled to.

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The Right Way...and Wrong Way to Respond to a Public Relations Crisis

As much as companies may hate to admit it, public relations crises are a very real, constant threat to their brands. Rather than be caught off guard, it is important to recognize the potential threat and be prepared to respond appropriately in a timely manner. Two recent public relations disasters help illustrate examples of both poor and effective crisis management.


Do You Know What Google is Saying About Your Business?

More than one-third of all browser searches and more than half (56%) of mobile searches results relate to “near me.” Before Google displays results pulled from your website SEO, it will show results from Google My Business listings first. Even if your business never created a Google My Business listing, Googly most likely created one for you. However, the information they compiled may be incorrect.


Increase Response Rates with Better Online Forms

Increase Response Rates with Better Online Forms

Incorporating online forms is standard practice for websites and landing pages. Including one is a great way to collect information on potential prospects or customers, but the art of online forms can be a tricky concept to master. Getting online visitors to actually fill out the forms and surrender their information can be a difficult. There are many factors to consider when creating a form.


Controversial Nike Campaign Grabs Attention

In early September Nike launched their latest “Just Do It” campaign, created by agency Wieden & Kennedy. The new ads were textbook Nike; embracing the sportswear company’s habit of celebrating rebels and pushing the limits. Initially, the response to the campaign seemed to be negative. However, by mid-September, Nike’s stock prices had hit an all-time high.


Facebook Being Sued For Tracking Faces

Ironically, Facebook may be in legal trouble for storing data of faces. A federal judge in California has ruled that Facebook can be sued in a class-action lawsuit brought by users in Illinois. The complainants say, that without their consent, Facebook used facial recognition technology on their uploaded photographs.

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