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What Your Refrigerator & Website Have In Common

Believe it or not your company’s website is a lot like your refrigerator. How so, you ask? How can a big metal box, whose basic design and function has not changed in decades compare with the constantly evolving high tech world of the internet? Let’s examine the parallels a little more closely.


Rebranding After An Acquisition Or Merger

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups may have convinced the world that combining peanut butter and chocolate is a good idea, but the task can be more difficult when combining companies. The rate of mergers and acquisitions over the past decade has skyrocketed, driven by financial, operational or geographic territory decisions. Rebranding the newly combined entity is all too often an afterthought.


Internet & Social Media Filter Bubbles

The internet was conceived with the intent of connecting all the people of the world with one another and providing a publishing platform for all who had something to say. In theory, that goal has been accomplished. In reality, algorithms and advertisers are thwarting an egalitarian online environment.


The Brand That Launched 1,000 Steps

How many steps did you do today? Many of us are obsessed with checking some electronic device that is attached to us to see how far we’ve gone each day. 10,000 steps is the magical goal for fitness, but have you ever wondered where that number came from?


Video: The King Of Content Marketing

When planning your marketing strategy, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that content is king. Businesses who successfully market themselves are creating strong and compelling content.


Direct Mail Is Not Dead

The perceived low cost and instant gratification of email marketing has enticed many companies to shift marketing dollars away from direct mail and into email campaigns. A closer look at what direct mail does deliver may have you adopting the contrarian view that direct mail is not dead.


Increasing Landing Page Conversions

One of the most frustrating aspects of online advertising is not seeing a return on investment (ROI) on leads from landing pages. The web traffic reports show that ads are generating clicks to the landing pages, but no one is filling out the call-to-action or contact form.


Let Testimonials Do The Talking

Customer testimonials are often overlooked in the marketing world. But there are times that nothing says it better than earnest words of praise. Here are some tips for using testimonials wisely.

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