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Our creative team has been busy working on some very interesting projects for our clients.

Statewide Training Programs


The Pennsylvania Municipal League (PML) has partnered with AdAbility Marketing Communications for several state-wide Pennsylvania workforce training programs. AdAbility created program logos, marketing materials and will be assisting PML in publicizing workforce training opportunities for PA Construction Codes Academy (PCCA) and PA Training Hub for Municipal Learning (PATH). The programs offer career training for construction code officials and elected and appointed municipal officials.

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Specialized Security & Technical Services

The Ascendancy Group (TAG), a Virginia-based firm that provides specialized security and technical services to government and corporate entities, selected AdAbility Marketing Communications to redesign their website. Founded by a former U.S. Navy SEAL, TAG’s unique niche of providing highly confidential services required a non-traditional approach to marketing the company’s capabilities. Our creative team designed a responsive website with an intuitive user experience that details TAG’s services for potential domestic and international clients.

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Healthcare Collections Agency

Most people don’t associate “friendly” with collection agencies, but at the Bureau of Account Management (BAM) Patient Friendly Collections is the foundation of their services. BAM, a nationally licensed collection agency, was looking to differentiate themselves from competitors and communicate why their approach yielded better results. Lacking a website presence that showcased their approach, BAM turned to the website team at AdAbility Marketing Communications. The programming of BAM’s new website, which is designed to reach decision makers at physician practices, hospitals, rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities was recently completed.

What Your Refrigerator & Website Have In Common


Believe it or not your company’s website is a lot like your refrigerator. How so, you ask? How can a big metal box, whose basic design and function has not changed in decades compare with the constantly evolving high tech world of the internet? Let’s examine the parallels a little more closely.

First off, both refrigerators and websites need power to keep things fresh. Refrigerators run on electricity. Websites run on content. One website mistake that companies often make is setting up their new site and then they seldom make changes or add content. That would be like buying a new refrigerator, stocking it with all your favorite foods and then never bothering to plug it in. In both cases, things begin to smell old and rotten when you neglect to add the power.

The items stocked on your refrigerator shelves, stuck in the door and stacked in the freezer are all there to feed a need. The need, in this case, is providing food to relieve hunger. If you think about it, your website also relieves a hunger – for information. A well-stocked website fills the need of your prospects for information about your company.

Maybe we all spend so much time with the refrigerator door open, staring inside, because the internal life of our refrigerator is a snapshot reflecting the shifts and changes in our lives. The food you have in your refrigerator evolves as your life and tastes change. On a serious jag of session IPAs, stock up and feed the need. New baby just arrived? Load up on the smashed peas. Spied a new Greek yogurt in your friend’s fridge? Gotta get some for yourself.

This same content evolution should be happening with your website content. Monitoring page views and information paths will help you to better understand the “tastes” of your website visitors and what content you should be stocking your website’s “shelves” with. When peering in and taking inventory of your website content, don’t forget to consider changing delivery methods. Just as squeeze bottles have changed condiments forever, online content is being delivered in new ways every day. So, be sure to consider mobile devices, video streaming, social media tie-ins and other advances.

Shift To Online News Impacts Public Relations Strategy


For the last decade newspaper circulation has been on a decline. Since 2013, there has been a 27% decrease in the number of people who get their daily news from printed newspapers. Currently, only about two in ten U.S. adults read a newspaper. Because of this shift away from print, many newspaper companies are responding by publishing their content online, where more people are seeking out news and information. Instead of distributing news to your doorstep, it is now being delivered by phone.

Studies have shown that a majority of people now turn to social media to get their news. Many of us are guilty of relying solely on Facebook as our source for news, rather than reading the newspaper or turning on the TV. In fact, 62% of people surveyed said they get their news from social media.

The advantage of online media is that it provides a continual update of news stories. More and more people prefer the ease of grabbing their phone or tablet to read the news, rather than sitting with a newspaper or watching TV.

The tremendous rise in the use of social and digital media is making companies rethink their approach to public relations. When printed newspapers and magazines were more popular, the goal was to get press releases printed in publications. As print publications fade in popularity, public relations professionals are shifting to distribute information across multiple channels in order to garner coverage in print and online news outlets.

Public relations distribution focus has turned from reaching a few print publications with large circulation to targeting numerous online media outlets. Reaching out to multiple news sources, including blogs and websites that have smaller individual audiences, but substantial reach in aggregate is the new PR focus. Electronic distribution services, such as PR Newswire, can help PR pros with the process of reaching a larger online audience. One of the most powerful pieces of electronic distribution of public relations is the ability for it to be quickly shared among different sources and go “viral,” resulting in it reaching a large amount of people. Regardless of the ever-changing environment, public relations still remains effective in influencing audiences and shaping public opinion and behavior.


AdAbility Welcomes Summer Intern

AdAbility announced the addition of Brittany Bennett as their Summer Intern. While interning at the agency, she will have the opportunity to gain real world experience developing and implementing marketing communications across different industries. Brittany, a motivated student and enthusiastic learner, is currently a senior at Penn State Harrisburg pursuing dual Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Management.

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